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Implementing a seamless payment integration

Financial services


Financial services

Xendit, a leading fintech company, helps businesses navigate through the fragmented payment landscape of Southeast Asia. They enable businesses to accept various payment methods in a simple, safe, and secure manner, reaching as many customers as possible.

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The challenge

A payment partner that Xendit collaborates with was facing challenges in providing end-to-end payment flows to merchants in Indonesia.

The backend integration

Xendit and their payment partner combined their strengths to enhance payment solutions and expertise. Through this collaboration, Xendit took charge of the settlement process for merchants, allowing them to continue utilizing their payment partner as their preferred payment processor with minimal interruptions.
In this endeavor, Shortcut Asia played a crucial role in meticulously integrating Xendit and their payment partner, ensuring that merchants can proceed without modifications to their configurations and continue using their existing operational setup.

Tech stack
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Ruby on Rails

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Amazon Web Services

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The result

Xendit’s payment systems were successfully integrated into their payment partner's with minimal disruptions for merchants, allowing businesses to expand their customer outreach in this increasingly digitalized payment landscape.

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