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Bringing convenience via mobile ordering



HEINEKEN is a global beer company originating from The Netherlands, currently operating in over 190 countries for over 150 years. In Malaysia, it has a presence dating back to 1964, being a manufacturer and distributor of many well known beer brands in the country.

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The challenge

Following the success of it’s first web ordering platform, HEINEKEN wanted to compete in the convenience store market, enabling their customers to get their beverages with ease.

Accelerating feature delivery frequency

We worked with the HEINEKEN team from Malaysia and the Netherlands to develop a mobile app named Drinkies that allows customers to order beverages directly from HEINEKEN and get them delivered right to their doorstep. Through our development support, we sped up the product delivery process and reduced the development timeframe to just 4 months.

Tech stack
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React Native

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The result

By delivering the mobile app in a short period of time, HEINEKEN managed to achieve its business goals even amidst a highly competitive and fast-moving market environment.

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