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Gamifying a social review platform



The founders of skoop! wanted to redefine the way people search for unbiased reviews and trusted peer recommendations, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses. By offering a user-friendly platform accessible across various devices, the platform enables users to explore trusted local spots and services in an engaging and interactive manner.

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The challenge

Unearthing lesser-known small and medium businesses and services, which often go unnoticed by major review app platforms presented a valuable opportunity.


A mobile app-only platform was designed according to user requirements. User-first design was prioritized throughout development, with the aim to replicate the process of guiding users through providing a detailed review without feeling overwhelmed.

A reward system was conceived in the design phase to encourage app engagement. Users are able to level up in the app through various interactions such as reacting to reviews and writing genuine reviews.

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skoop! mobile app design
skoop! mobile app design

The mobile app

With a tight development timeframe, React Native was selected as the framework of choice. This allowed us to deploy the app on multiple platforms while just maintaining a single codebase.

Various industry practices were adhered to, including using Sentry to monitor application performance in real time and implementing OAuth as a secure login method. We ensured the app adhered to Apple and Google’s data privacy requirements before deploying the initial minimum viable product (MVP).

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React Native

skoop! mobile app design
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The backend

A backend dashboard was designed to manage the day-to-day operations of the application, including moderation of inappropriate content posted on the platform. Admins can efficiently manage new business information and create engaging challenges for users.

Next.js was employed as it offers excellent scalability, adapts to demand, and ensures a smooth development experience.

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The result

Skoop! has empowered users to discover nearby locations through an engaging, gamified experience.

Post-release, the app has continuously evolved with the addition of new features demonstrating its adaptability to meet the ever-changing market demands.

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