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Making bookings for a staffless gym



Oslo Mikrobuldreri is a bouldering gym in Oslo, Norway that is open 24/7. It’s a staffless gym where users are able to enter at anytime, select their own music, and climb.

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The challenge

As a staffless gym, Oslo Mikrobuldreri needed a booking system that allowed users with a valid booking to enter through the automated door.

Making bookings with minimal hassle

A mobile booking app was developed for Oslo Mikrobuldreri to enable users to make individual bookings at any of its gym outlets. Various payment methods were supported, including a popular Norwegian payment platform named Vipps.

With more than a few thousand downloads, the app proved to be popular among gym users, providing them with the flexibility to access the gym at their convenience.

Tech stack
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The result

The initial MVP was successfully deployed, with minimal maintenance needed post-release as app scalability was factored in during development.

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