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Integrating large scale production systems




Capital A (formerly AirAsia Group) is a major aviation group based in Kuala Lumpur, boasting a substantial presence across Southeast Asia. Initially commencing operations as a low-cost carrier, it has since transformed exponentially into a diversified investment holding company with a wide portfolio of businesses.

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The challenge

When the AirAsia Group acquired Vidi (formerly known as Touristly), additional workforce was required to integrate Vidi’s systems into AirAsia’s platform and BIG loyalty program.

Cultivating collaborations, shortening timelines

The AirAsia Group engaged with Shortcut Asia for a team of 9 engineers for over a year. The integration into Vidi’s existing team was seamless as both companies shared similar development processes and technological expertise.

With this partnership, Vidi’s platform was successfully integrated, giving birth to a new AirAsia web platform that specializes in tours, lifestyle activities, and on-ground activities.

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The result

The critical task of integrating 2 production systems together was completed with minimal disruptions within a reasonable timeframe. This accomplishment was made possible by Shortcut Asia's contribution of resources and expertise.

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