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A new digital banking solution

Financial services


Financial services
Web App Development

RHB Banking Group is a multinational regional financial services provider that is committed to delivering complete solutions to customers through differentiated segment offerings and an ecosystem that supports simple, fast and seamless customer experiences. The online banking platform forms one of the key services the bank offers to its clients, allowing them to complete any transactional tasks directly from anywhere.

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The challenge

Legacy code contained within the codebase hindered the implementation of new features. Consequently, this led to prolonged development periods and delays in product launches.

The banking website

A micro-frontend architecture was chosen to reduce the downtime of the website. It involves decoupling each service on the website to its individual container. Therefore if a single service is down, the rest of the website is unaffected.

ReactJS ReactJS Material UI Material UI (MUI)
RHB web app design
RHB web app design

The result

This project updated all legacy code to the latest versions, allowing quick introduction of new features in the future.
We augmented RHB’s development team, resulting in features being pushed at a faster rate.

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