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Providing a versatile multi-tenant subscription service




Naluri, Asia’s leading employee wellbeing service provider, uses advanced analytics, assessments, and social determinant data to evaluate organizational health to create personalized care plans for their members. They provide these care plans through digital health coaching, monitoring tools, lessons, consultations, and on-call support.

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The challenge

There were difficulties in seamlessly integrating Naluri’s payment mechanism across various third-party client platforms, each with unique specifications.

The payment platform

Shortcut Asia was entrusted with developing a versatile payment service platform, capable of hosting multiple tenants that consists of Naluri’s clients.

Recognizing the significance of brand identity for these clients, the platform was designed as a style-neutral website, allowing them to seamlessly integrate it into their own platforms and adapt their own brand identity.

Tech stack
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Naluri payment platform design

The backend

We developed a multi-gateway payment platform with Stripe as the initial payment provider. This platform is able to handle various types of transactions such as one-time payments and subscriptions. This streamlined third-party client integrations, allowing Naluri to monetize their services efficiently.

Among the backend features built include:

  • Subscription management API
  • Webhooks to sync subscription status with client platforms
Tech stack
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Naluri payment platform backend flowchart

The result

Naluri successfully provided a payment solution to their third-party clients, significantly enhancing subscription management and improving revenue generation.

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