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Gig Life Pro

Gig Life Pro is a networking platform designed to support all global music industry professionals and creatives in developing their connections.

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The challenge

Back in 2019, the founders of Gig Life Pro had a highly ambitious vision: to bring together music industry professionals across the Asia Pacific region with a single platform that fosters connections, and knowledge sharing, along with career and business development opportunities. We worked hand-in-hand with Gig Life Pro to build a user-centric, scalable, and feature-rich platform, equipping them to break new ground in the music industry.


The platform was designed to maximize user engagement, with the placement of main features in prominent sections to guide user interaction.

A light-colored design invokes a sense of calmness, while the typography conveys a sense of enthusiasm, reflecting the welcoming and eager-to-learn nature of Gig Life Pro members.

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Gig Life Pro website design
Gig Life Pro app design

The website

A user-friendly, subscription-based website was developed, simplifying the way music industry professionals connect and collaborate, and opening up new opportunities for creative partnerships and business growth.

The platform combines a range of features, such as:

  • Subscriptions: Enjoy exclusive subscription-only benefits.
  • Articles: Stay updated on industry trends and insights.
  • Events: Register for online and offline events easily with a simple and secure booking system.
  • Expert Advice: Get one-on-one consultations with accomplished industry professionals.
  • Chat: Connect in real-time with fellow industry members.
  • Perks: Enjoy rewards for active community participation.
Tech stack
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Gig Life Pro website design
Gig Life Pro website design

The mobile app

We used React Native to build the app as it streamlines cross-platform app deployment, reducing development time and effort.

Additional features were integrated to improve the overall development process, such as:
Over-the-air updates (OTA) - Allows certain updates to bypass lengthy app review processes directly to users’ devices.

Firebase App Distribution - Allows apps to be rapidly pushed for testing on physical devices before submitting for review.

Tech Stack
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React Native

Gig Life Pro app design
Gig Life Pro app design
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The backend

We employed Ruby on Rails for the back end as it offers a development environment that prioritizes simplicity, productivity, and maintainability.

The back end allows Gig Life Pro to easily manage the success of the platform through features, such as:

  • Custom dashboards
  • Analytics integration & reporting
  • Mailers & notification services
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Ruby on Rails

Gig Life Pro backend

Platform subscriptions

Subscriptions enable exclusive access to paid features on the app. By managing subscriptions centrally, users are able access their subscriptions regardless of the device being used.

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Gig Life Pro platform subscription flowchart

The result

By meticulously combining advanced technologies and services with thoughtful design and development best practices, we created a platform that balances backend robustness and frontend elegance. Our strategic tech stack selection and architectural design provide a highly reliable and scalable hosting environment, ensuring that the back end systems run seamlessly and efficiently.
Today, we continue to work together, fine-tuning the platform and developing additional functionality to enhance user experience.

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