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Managing data in the oil and gas industry

Oil & Gas


Oil & Gas

As a prominent Malaysian energy conglomerate with operations spanning over 100 countries, our client's business necessitates extensive collaboration with numerous industry partners. Hence, there was a pressing need to consolidate all pertinent data and information. Shortcut Asia partnered with the region’s leading geospatial data company to develop a dashboard that encourages data sharing among all the O&G stakeholders, improving the decision making process and reducing inefficiencies in operating procedures.

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The challenge

There was a lack of a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for accessing Malaysia’s Exploration and Production (E&P) data, which hindered data-driven decision-making.


The web app was designed in a way that caters to the oil and gas (O&G) industry, prioritizing user-friendliness, mobile accessibility, easy navigation, custom-branded UI, and a professional user interface. It was designed to instill trust and familiarity, ensuring a valuable and credible tool for O&G industry players.

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Project X dashboard design
Project X dashboard design

The dashboard

Utilizing Next.js as a comprehensive full-stack framework enabled us to build the platform within a single repository, facilitating rapid development and the seamless delivery of updates in a sprint-to-sprint cycle that spanned just one week.

Tech stack
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Project X dashboard design
Project X dashboard design

Backend process

Redis Queue was selected to run background tasks and scheduled jobs, reducing the main server’s load and increase its ability to handle requests.

With Microsoft Azure being selected to host the entire platform, capacity is not an issue. The platform is able to scale according to demand.

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Project X dashboard design

The result

Project X has successfully facilitated greater transparency and accessibility to a nation’s exploration and production data, enabling a modular and scalable platform tailored to the varying requirements of the oil and gas industry.

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